Information for Non-Resident Patients

Booking a date for surgery is not made in advance unless two stages (simulation and taking analyses) indicated below are not passed.

Recording for surgery is held at the moment:

from 20 of June 2018 at 10:00
from 13 of June 2018 at 13:30

Last update: 23 oct. 2017 


Sending photos for free computer simulation

The proper way of sending photos for free computer simulation: 

  • Selfies are not accepted for modeling! Ask someone to take a photo of you. The photographer must be in the distance of 1-1,5 meters while taking a photo.
  • The camera must be on the level of nose when shooting. 
  • Photos must be of good quality, not blurry and in “focus”. 
  • They must be made with good lighting, without any shadows. 
  • The background in the photos must be bright (white would be ideal).
  • Simulation is not carried out with closed eyes!
  • The size of photos shouldn’t be not less than 500 kb.

Photos that are needed for nose simulation:

  • One photo in facet
  • Two photos in side view (from both sides)
  • Two photos in half side view (45 degrees from both sides)
  • One photo in bottom view

Examples of photos:


Send all your photos attached in one letter to this e-mail address: 

Please describe desirable changes you would like to be made and the results that are expected in your letter.
If you had any surgery on the nose in the past, state the type of the surgery and  when it was held.

Simulation which is done by yourself or by another surgeon wouldn't be commented on.

Do not send photos over social networks or Viber and WhatsApp.

Do not tag photos of superstars to you photos as an example.

The result of simulation is resent during 1-5 working days.

Simulation is done once and only in side view!


Taking analyses

 Why you should take analyses?

  • You take analyses for yourself at your location, in order to be sure that you don't have any problems with your health, as rhinoplasty is held when there is no contraindications concerning your healthcare.
  • You will repeatedly take these and other analyses (they are included in the cost of the operation).

What are the analyses needed to be taken before the operation?

  • CBC (Complete Blood Count) with ESR 
  • Blood clotting tests: PT, PTT, INR, Bleeding time
  • Biochemistry tests: Creatinine, BUN, Glucose, AST, ALT, Total Bilirubin, Indirect Bilirubin, Direct Bilirubin
  • General urine analysis. For the general analysis, the entire portion of morning urine is collected after a thorough toilet of the genital organs. It is possible to store the urine before the general analysis for no more than 1,5 hours. Later use will be useless because of the change of its cellular composition.

Do not forget! The analyses should be taken on an empty stomach.

Please pay attention to how you send the results of the analyses.


Please send the results of the analyses to this e-mail address:

All the analyses should be sent at once!
Do not write to me on social sites, Viber or WhatsApp just immediately after sending the results of the analyses, that you have just sent the results of the analyses.

All the letter are responded during 1-5 day (except Saturday and Sunday as non-working days).

If you have problems with you eye contact then you need to consult an ophthalmologist beforehand and receive conclusion in a written form in which it should be written that you have no contraindications for nose surgery.


The Third Stage: 
Register for Surgery 

How and when can I register for surgery?

  • You can make a telephone call only after receiving a letter from me in which it is said that there are no contraindications to carry out a surgery.
  • For girls: in planning a date for surgery it is desirable to choose the days immediately after the end of menstruation. Note: periods are not contraindications to surgery.
  • Surgery registering is held minimum 6 months beforehand by a telephone call:

Register for surgery is held only on Mondays from 15:00 to 17:00 (Moscow time).


Frequently asked questions

How much does rhinoplasty cost?

If you didn’t have any surgery on the nose in the past, the cost of the surgery is fixed and is 650,000 drams, it doesn’t depend on complexity and patient’s citizenship (even if both correction of the shape of the nose and nasal septum surgery is needed).

If you had any nose surgery in the past (including nasal septum surgery), the cost of the surgery depends on the complexity and starts from 850,000 AMD.

See the prices of rhinoplasty in different currencies

What is included in the price:

  • Pre-surgical consultation.
  • Pre-surgical examination (blood tests): ECG, blood clotting tests, general blood and urine analysis, biochemistry blood test, HIV and hepatitis tests, chest X-ray, sonography of internal organs.
  • Anesthesiologist’s examination.
  • One day stay in the clinic with meal (an individual room for the patient and the one who cares for him).
  • Free WiFi and TV.
  • Following bandaging:
Only medicines, which must be used after discharge from the clinic, are not included in the cost of the surgery!

What time should I be in the clinic?

You should be in the clinic for medical examination at 9:00 in the morning on an empty stomach.
Do not forget to make the copy of you passport beforehand!

Armenia, Yerevan,
Nor-Nork 3 array,
10 Gyurjyan street,
MC “Surb Grigor Lusavorich”.
Go to the main entrance, turn to the right and go up to the 2nd floor, my office is the first on the left.
Cell: +37455077044


When and how is the payment made?

The payment is made before the surgery and only cash in AMD.
There is a bank located on the first floor of the clinic, where you can exchange the money.


How long will it take to stay in Armenia after the surgery?

  • The patent stays in the clinic for one day.
  • The total period of stay is 8 days: the day before the surgery — taking analyses, exactly one week after the surgery — removal of seams and thermoplastic bandage.

Is medical certificate issued to avoid problems at the border or in case of a passport replacement after the surgery?

  • If you want , an epicrisis is issued on the blank of the hospital with a seal (only in armenian) after the surgery.

  • When returning home, we stay in touch via e-mail or telephone to solve any issue or problem that may arise.